1865 Announced, Eastwood Records, & the Future

It’s hard to believe how long it’s been since we’ve blogged on the website,  I think Facebook is to blame! The changes that we’ve gone through since we released Here to Burn three years ago have been staggering.  In the first year together we were able to write 13 songs for HTB, the style came so naturally to all of us!  Writing rock and roll has been all of our calling cards throughout our musical careers, however something happened along the way…  I don’t know if we felt like we were faking it, if we were gettin’ too old for this shit, or if the clean air of Red River Gorge got in our heads, but the change came hard and fast.  We started picking up the banjo, we dusted off the acoustics, we passed whiskey around the campfire and wondered aloud “how are we going to pull this off?”.

Then the writing began.  In the beginning we believed we’d be able to knock out a whole EP in a few months, however we quickly realized that it was going to take a little more time to figure things out.  2014 was poised to be a very busy year rebuilding our band brand.  In addition to the songwriting, we filmed three videos, Whitewolf and G both got married, recorded the whole EP from August to October, and released “Southern Cuts” on December 1st.

We didn’t have a big CD release show, or have a big party like we did for HTB.  We put Southern Cuts out with very little fan fare, in my mind I think we did Southern Cuts for ourselves, and when we were done, we breathed a sigh of relief.  We did it, we were able to embrace a new direction, and were able to do it at a high level.  I’m really proud of my guys for sticking with it and seeing this all the way through.

Our first appearance after the release of Southern Cuts was on our good friend’s radio show “Hippy Head Spotlight”.  We had played there once before and really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, but this time there was a special guest on the show.  Wes had recently formed Eastwood Records and was looking for some acts to sign to his label.  At the end of our performance he had some very kind words for us and ended it with; “If you guys are ever interested in sitting down with me, don’t hesitate to contact me”.  Three months later we did just that.

1865-First-ArtAfter playing in Austin, TX during SXSW we decided it was time to take this to the next level and struck a deal with Eastwood Records to record our next album called “1865”.  We’re looking to continue to explore our Americana/Bluegrass/Southern Rock sound and are really excited about the songs we’re cooking up.  We’re also going to include a few songs off of Southern Cuts: Two of a Kind, Castle, and Storm in the Hollar.  You can expect more story based songs, our booming rhythm section, more complex harmonies, banjo and guitar solos, and all that other good stuff that you expect from The Whiskey Riders!  Keep your eyes and ears open for more updates about 1865.

~Johnny Blaze