Workstation 2

1865 is almost done with Website Exclusive Pics!

The early mixes are in, and so far we are absolutely blown away with how 1865 is starting to shape up!  We really buckled down and put in all we could in the 6 days it took to record the entire record!  We’ve got two more days at Goldsmith Studios to mix it down and then it’s off for mastering!

After that is beginning to shape up, we’re getting into contact and the summer is starting to fill up for us!  Be sure to keep an eye out on our show schedule as we start announcing dates over the next month.

Here’s a special gallery with Website exclusive pictures inside the studio!  Also below is a special first sneak peek at 1865!

Laying down some early scratch tracksWorkstation 1Security cam footageNot even gonna try to fuck with itWhitewolf putting in some workNice Drum SetupGroup Vocals!Workstation 2Lain down some pianoG in the studioMs. Cheryl putting down some vocals