5 Songs I Wish I Wrote with J Blaze

I consider myself a perfectly fine song writer.  I’m not a great singer, nor am I a great guitarist or instrumentalist, but I feel like I got enough of both to be able to write a killer song every once in a while.  But you know, for every good song I write, there are those songs out there that every time I listen to I wish that I had written that one!  I am J Blaze and these are my top 5 songs I had wish I had written!

#1 Ballad of Kurtis Lowe – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Surprise surprise, Skynyrd is one of my favorite bands of all time.  Well Skynyrd before the plane crash, but anyways no list of mine would be complete without honoring those men of southern rock!  It would be easy to just pick Freebird, but in all honesty the Ballad of Kurtis Lowe is my favorite song by them.  The smooth slide guitar, the fantastic narrative of an old blues player inspiring a young man to play music, a tragic ending… This song has it all.  Plus the vocal melodies are on point throughout the song.

#2 Everlong – Foo Fighters

This is my favorite Foo Fighters song by a mile.  The way the energy ebbs, flows, falls and rises flawlessly in the song to me is incredible.  The incredibly simple but mind grabbing guitar riff to start the song off crushes it every time I hear it.  Plus this song helped me through a rough relationship back in high school.

#3 Red House – Jimi Hendrix

I love Jimi.  Plain and simple.  His vast catalog of songs he amassed in such a short time is astounding, and his influence on Rock and Roll is still felt to this day.  But Red House is the quintessential Blues Rock track of Jimi’s Career.  Largely regarded as the most natural blues number written by Hendrix and covered by just about anyone, I really wish I wrote this number.

#4 Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash

1955.  This song was written 60 years ago this year, Incredible!  If you ask anyone about Johnny Cash, most likely this is the song everyone knows and can sing a long with.  Add the fact that this is a country tune written in a Blues E standard makes it all the more ingenious.  This is also the #1 covered song by The Whiskey Riders so kudos to Johnny Cash and this incredible song!

#5 Johnny B Goode – Chuck Berry

Yes, I had to include the song that is my namesake.  Written in 1958 by Chuck Berry, Johnny B Goode reached as high as #2 on the Billboard.  That guitar riff!  The musician ship!  The actual story of the song is killer too, a poor boy from the back woods making it in the music business definitely strikes home to me. “Maybe someday your name will be in lights, sayin Johnny B Goode tonight!”

Honorable Mentions- Juicy by Notorious BIG, Sweet Child O Mine by Guns and Roses, Sleep Now in the Fire by Rage Against The Machine, and I Am Hollywood by He is Legend.