7 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited About the New Whiskey Riders Album

Hello everyone out there.  Blaze here updating the ol Album Blog.  It really seems like we’ve been in the studio for over a year.  We’ve been through so much as a group together through this whole process, and let me be the first to tell you, nothing, NOTHING has come easy in this production. But just like life, anything that is worth having is worth working hard for.  So while some of you patiently wait, and while others (such as myself) are about to explode at the seams, here’s a short list of reasons why you should be excited about our debut album.

  1. New jams.We’ve got a few jams that we’re putting on the record that noone has heard except for us yet.    “Symphony of the Lost Boys”, “Hide in the Shadows”, and “Old Man River” to just name a few.
  2. You can hear the sweatWe started the record in the heat of the August summer.  Go ask G how fucking hot it got in the studio, he sweat so much during the recording, you can actually hear the sweat with every snare hit.  This is a fact, no need to do any additional research.  But really, we’ve got sweat equity in this project, and it truly shows.
  3. The TruthThe world we live in today is a messed up place, where up is down and down is up.  The truth has been suppressed, and lies are the only way to navigate this landscape.  We delve into different subjects where we challenge the status quo of lies.
  4. No Holds Barred RockPurrs like a kitten, and roars like a lion.  This is the best way I can describe the music we make.  When we bring the rock, we don’t hold back, so bring a welding mask, or else you’re in danger of the face melting of a lifetime.  The guitars burn, the bass booms, and the drums destroy.
  5. Full ProductionSeeing as we’re producing this ourselves, we have afforded ourselves the luxury of time, and it’s saving us a shit ton of money.  We’ve logged over 70 hours in the studio up to this point, and when it’s all said and done, we’ll probably eclipse the 100 hour mark.  Time spent layering guitars and vocals, tweaking the drums, and getting the best bass sound money couldn’t buy.  It will show through in the end product, this is a guarantee.The album is also going to break some ground when it comes to a full audio experience.  It will be a record you will want to listen to all the way through to get the whole experience.  Also, we’re going to have an accordion featured in a track.
  6. Girls! Girls! Girls!Some of the tracks will feature women singers doing some awesome background vocals.  We all feel this is going to add such rich texture and character to the songs, that we may all wet our pants collectively during the process.  And it’s getting cold outside so this may pose a problem.
  7. The BeginningThis album will mark the beginning of something we all feel is special.  We’re all ready to bring this production to you.  As the days pass, and the record comes closer and closer to fruition, we can feel the energy we have exuding through each track.




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