#BetterKnowARider Johnny Blaze Edition

It’s hard to know where to start, I don’t normally like to talk about myself, unless I’m joking on myself or telling a fun story from the past… Trust me there are plenty of stories!  I’m not going to bore you and lay out my whole life story, but I’d like to maybe give some backstory one blog post at a time.  Here it goes…

Name is John Goebel, but I go by the name of Johnny Blaze, or JBlaze. I’m sure there’s more than a few of you that can probably guess where that name comes from 😉  I’ve been playing guitar for about 17 years now, been playing in bands for 15 years, and have been serious about art my whole life.  I’ve been in a few very well received local bands, but for one reason or another just haven’t been able to break out.

I can tell you my first band “7 Days After”, we were just getting our chops in.  A lot of people start bands in their early teens, but I was about 19 years old when I jammed my first song out with other people. On top of that the bassist and drummer (Brad Buckingham and Wes Fehler, respectively) had just picked up their instruments about six months before our first show! The 7DA songs reflect my inexperience as a song writer and mediocre musical skills, but we had a lot of fun in Louisville, and I was hooked on writing songs and playing live shows from the beginning. 7daysafter2 punkrock

In all we recorded 5 different records, “7 Days After”, “How to Live a Golden Life After the Fall of the Roman Empire”, “Autin and Me” (live album), “The Eventide Stories”, and our unreleased EP.  We got to play some pretty classic Louisville venues as well, Pandemonium, the Brycc House, and Aslan’s How to name a few. Never got to play the big room of the Brycc House sadly…

While we didn’t have the impact on Louisville like other bands of the time, 451, Pose No Threat, The Lynnwoods, Red Sun, The Novas, and certainly Elliott, I feel like 7 Days After’s run was better than any of us could have imagined seeing how inexperienced we all were.  Check out a few of our tracks, some of which are over 15 years old now!

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