Brand New Songs

Whats up out there in Whiskeyland?  We’re taking the afternoon off from tracking for work purposes, but I just wanted to talk about some new tracks that are going to be on the album.  There’s about 6 songs we haven’t played live yet, and they range from super rocking to groovy, to piratelike.

Like this one new song we’ve got, we’re calling it “Tale of the Lost Boys” for right now.  This one is unlike anything we’ve written up to this point.  It’s got a nice 3/4 swing beat to it, plus great lyrics written by myself and G.  Here’s a taste of the lyrics we’ve got now.

If you anchor your ships at the shores of hate
The waters of vengeance determine your fate
The hull’s a bit fragile but the mast stands true

The light house it seems so far away
And we’ll never see the light of day
So hold fast to glory as the storm passes through

The night brings nothing for us
No semblance of relief
The sharks they circle avidly
Like vultures of the sea.

It’s very lyrical and rich with symbolism, and tells a nice story.  I believe it’ll be one that you’ll love singing to.

Until next time.





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