The continuation of vocals or Back Up Your Files

We continue this journey that we’ve all begun together.  Producing your own record seemed to be a lot of work at the beginning, but when you get to the vocals, and the amount of files that come with it, you really get a feel for the massive scope of such a project.  Not to say that we are in over our heads at this point, on the contrary, as the project continues to roll, we pick up more and more traction.

So here’s your report:

  • We’ve got four vocal tracks in the bag, sounding beast.  Devils Poison and Find Our Way are sounding beast, and Sunshine sounds better than ever.
  • We’re a month and a half into the project.  But it really feels like we’re a year and a half into the project.  If it feels like we’re taking forever, it’s because we are.  It’s hard to get four grown ass men into the studio together at the same time.  Do not fear though, this week we will be making some awesome strides, and hopefully we’ll have some early demos for you to sink your teeth into.
  • Back up your files.

We apologize for the lack of video updates, we personally guarantee that we’ll have something for your eyes very soon.


Keep ridin’.




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