Fall is coming and so are we!


Well Jblaze is already hitting the studio hard this fine, pre Fall, Friday morning and will be nailing out some more guitfiddle parts before tonights show.  Tonight we will get out from behind the computers and out of the studio to get back on stage to fill your heads and hearts full of good ole whiskey Rock N Roll! The album has picked up pace and went into snowball mode in the last week and we intend to keep it that way until its fully complete! Along with doing instruments, we have started throwing around and working on the album intro, which I must say is just plain bad ass! This will not be an album to reckon with because we have yanked up the anchor and pushing to full throttle with ideas that have been brewing in our heads for a very long time. There is more to this album that meets the ear. You will find its not just a bunch of songs put together, but better yet a story of Love, Hate, Drinking, Sorrow and much more with very creative narriation between tracks that you just wont see coming. Be ready kids…..its gona be a wild ride!

Until next time…..Ride safe





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