The Final Stretch

Minutes turned into hours.  Hours turned into days.  Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months.  If every journey starts with a single step, our first step occurred in August of 2012.  The mission, to record an album that would change not only the local music scene in Louisville, but also bring the Whiskey Riders to a national level. The journey has been frought with toils, obstacles, and roadblocks, but no matter what was thrown at us, we always rose above.

Recording your own album has really opened our eyes to a lot of things.  Not only have we seen what we’re all made of as men, we now know how strong we are as a band.  There have been times where it would have been easy to say we’ll just give up.  There were times that were so tough for us as individuals that it would have been easier to just hang up our spurs and go home.  But that is not what we did.  Through all the tough times we still came back to the one ideal that we have held together for so long, that WE are a strong unit.  That WE are a brotherhood that will not die when times get tough!

This weekend, four months after we began this journey together will mark the end of major tracking of the record.  We just have a few things left to take care of.  We have an accordion part to record with our good friend Mateo.  We’ve got some vocal work to go back and take care of.  A couple of bass parts to slap out.  We are in the final stretch.  Never thought this day would come, but if you believe in something enough, and if you believe in yourself enough, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Moving forward we have a ton of mixing to do, then after that we have an incredible amount of publicity to take care of, but this weekend is the end of the major work.  From here on out it’s easy sailing.

Here Come The Whiskey Riders.