Keeping the faith

Whats up out there?  The Whiskey Riders here updating this ol blog about our album.  Well, we’ve reached stage 3 of recording.  As of last week Bones completed his first go at bass, and we began production on guitars.  This is when things start shaping together.  If the drums are the skeleton, and the bass is the heart and other organs, then that would make the guitars the skin and hair.  Our frankenstein’s monster is starting to look like a monster, and what a monster it is shaping up to be.

The more we continue on this journey together, the more excited we are getting to bring this to you.  We’re not just writing songs, we’re putting heart and soul into this one.  Too much music these days have no substance, no meaning.  Pop music has become so trite, so soulless.  If an artist isn’t writing a song talking shit about someone, or rapping about cars, money, or just babbling on incessantly about shit it doesn’t make the radio, so artists who are coming up take this lead, and the music continues to be stripped away of it’s heart as generations pass.  We’d like to abandon this trend and write something a little deeper, a little more thought provoking.  Now don’t get it twisted, there are certainly a trove of artists trying to do the same thing, and public radio is really making a good push by playing this music that the Clear Channel stations won’t touch.

What we are creating is an art piece, that is meant to be played from beginning to end, but at the same time, you can pick out any song as a great song that you could jam on it’s own.  We’re going to be delving in uncharted territory that seems to have lost its way in the past.  So we’re going to Find Our Way together, and we can’t wait to journey with all of you.

The guitars are the skin and hair.  Soon we will be adding the eyes, and the soul.  #Herewecome




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