A Pirates Life for Us

Some would argue that ninja beats pirate.  Some would say pirate is too drunk.  Some would even go so far to say pirate is lazy.  However I (JBlaze) am not one of those people.  To sail the seven seas, discover new land, loot and pillage booty, look out for the common man and fight the good fight.  Thinking about self producing this record and the possibility that someone could pirate the record, much as we all have, is nothing to sniff at.   Are you doing it for the money?  No, but if 1,000 people pirate the record, thats a good chunk of change out of our pockets, and unlike Metallica, we all could use a couple grand.  However, if you do wish to procure the music by those means, and by all means you do what ya gotta do, then make sure you support The Whiskey Riders, come out to the show, sing along, have a good time, because in the end, we’re all pirates just trying to have a good time together.






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