“Something about their southern rock sound is able to ride the line of whimsical and serious at the same time. It’s serious fun as the slow catchy riffs from the banjo and lyrics that aren’t meant to go over your head contribute to the cheerfulness of the album. The seriousness is in the overall quality, the electric bass, and the full drum kit. While we’re talking about the quality, the recording has a live vibe that lends itself perfectly to their sound. If you close your eyes, you wouldn’t know that this album came out recently.”

-Never Nervous Click Here to read full review

“Many bands simply cannot convince me of their integrity, but to listen to The Whiskey Riders is, to me, a prime example of musicians who play what they know. Far more than simple imagery, Southern Cuts is a piece of Americana pulled from its source, performed with both grit and charm, as immediately catchy as it is immersive in its atmosphere. Fans of southern rock of any kind would do themselves a favor by checking this one out.”  Click Here to read full review

“I’m the whiskey and she’s the wine” and everything’s going to be fine. The Whiskey Riders have served up a top shelf selection of the backwoods’ finest tunes. Potent like well crafted moonshine, allow this piece of Southern-Blues’grass-Rock to carry you to a good ‘ole fashioned, foot-stompin’, knee-slappin’ time.”