Progress, booze and sweet grass…

Okay, so this past weekend was a big turning point in the recording process of the debut album. Cox finally got his chance to shred apart some guitar parts and he is coming back in tonight to start some vocal work on a couple tracks including the first singe, Sunshine. Jblaze and Bones have been tag teaming the sessions and doing work on their own as well to start spit shining some of the tracks. And dont forget about G, because he has been there every step of the way to make sure no one gets outa line, and he will soon be going back in to track a few extra songs the band has decided to add to the album. With booze being drank, smokes being smoked and sweet grass burned, this album is looking to be something this area needs and has needed for a long time from a local band. With cutting guitar riffs, phat ass bass, thunder drums and wicked vocal tracks, you will be pounded with sounds that will make you happy, sad, mad and glad…Stay tuned for more updates and maybe a preview of one of the tracks coming very soon!




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