Angry Mob

We are in the Progress of making Progress

Me and the guys were talking the other day about the record, and where we’re at in the recording process.  We came to the conclusion that we’re at 65% right now.  We’ve got all the instruments done, minus a couple guitar dubs, most of the vocals done, minus a couple songs.  On the docket for the next few weeks we’ve got female backup vocals to handle, and then the mixing starts.  The mixing is around 25% of the work at this point.  Then we send it off to get mastered. So major progress is being made.

What we do from that point is up to the Gods of Rock.  We’ve got a tremendous amount of pre-release hype to do, so we’re looking at early spring at the latest before the ball really gets going.  We could very well have the record ready to go in December, but we’ve been patient enough so far, and it’s really paying off… There’s really no reason to rush anything at this point.

Unless you show up to the studio with pitch forks and torches, then maybe we’d put a little more pep in our step, but I wouldn’t recommend that, we all know the deadliest forms of martial arts.  You don’t want none.

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