Raised on the soul of Southern Rock, Country, Bluegrass and Americana, The Whiskey Riders’ music hits the heart of life in Kentuckiana and America. Highlighting the disenfranchised, exploring adversity, and living a life to its fullest, they pride themselves on a DIY attitude to produce their music, all while bringing a fiercely passionate live show filled with roaring sing-alongs and calming melodies. 

This trio of multi-instrumentalists has the capability to conceive, write, and produce music quickly and professionally through their own in-house studio. Whether you need a symphonic breakdown to accompany your character journey or a rocking action sequence, their music blends the sounds of modern Americana, rock, and catchy lyrics into a perfect solution to evoke the right feel for any project. 

Currently, we have a catalog of roughly 200 fully produced tracks that can be available upon demand. Singer/Songwriter John Goebel has also written and produced hip-hop, rap, and electronic-based compositions that are available for preview below.

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