Ready to Ride in 2017

By J Blaze

2016 has come and gone, and much like you it was a pretty topsy-turvy year for the Whiskey Riders. As we go into our 5th year as a band we want to get one thing fucking straight…  We love all of you that has shown us so much support over the past half decade!  We know all of you can’t make it out to every show, but we feel the love now more than ever.

I really thought that 2016 was going to be the year that we would finally arrive, best laid plans though.  Not to discount what we were able to do last year, but we had a couple major setbacks in the recording/mixing process that had us push the date back from April to October.  Then when it was time to release the album we had to break in Matt Knoy on bass when then bassist Matt Stottmann decided to pursue other musical interests.  To say things were tense would be an understatement.

But in true Whiskey Riders fashion we got the strength to keep going forward!  Plus when you have a great family in Eastwood Records the road becomes more manageable.  Props to Wes Allen, Brian Fife with Fife Star Media, Zane Hilton for working your asses off!

There were also some great highlights in 2016!  Our release show at Gospel Bird during Harvest Homecoming went amazing!  We were able to travel more, finally hitting up Nashville, Gatlinburg, Lexington and more in 2016!  Playing at Sugarland Moonshine Distillery was definitely a highlight, they treated us great down there, and I will never be mad to be in Gatlinburg.

Our video for Shine On was tremendously well received on the internet.  We really loved working with Misha Kidwell and his crew to bring our vision to life.

I’m not going to sit here and say we’re going to “arrive” in 2017.  We’re so close and so far away at this point that we just got to keep moving forward, and keep having fun together!  We do have a lot of great things planned for the first half of 2017, including new videos from Misha Kidwell for “1865” and “Two of a Kind”.  The video for 1865 is currently in production, and Two Of A Kind will start in the spring.  We’re also planning on having a new EP ready to record by the end of Summer.

We’ll also be welcoming a new rider to the world with Jon Cox and his wife Melissa welcoming their new son in May!  Very excited about all the possibilities and great things this year holds in store.  And if things seem to fall off the rails, you know we’ve been there before and will immediately get that train back on track.  Here’s some great pics from this past year!

crowdGospel-Bird-Blaze-1Gospel-Bird-Wolf1Gospel-Bird-G1IMG_7813IMG_7779IMG_7762blazeIMG_7757Gospel-Bird-G2IMG_20160919_223725IMG_20160723_103747The-Whiskey-Riders---Promo-Pic-1G-Fish-EyeCox-Fish-EyeBlaze-Fish-EyeIMG_7429IMG_7337Lain down some pianoLaying down some early scratch tracksG in the studioGroup Vocals!IMG_7074IMG_7096Photo by Ashley Osborne