The Recording is underway. #HereWeCome

It’s time.  We have entered the studio to personally hand craft what we hope to be a brilliant work of music for your ears and brains.  We’ve got a lot of great ideas that are going into this one, special breaks, narratives, plus some all around bad assery.  A great thing about taking the route of recording this all ourselves is we don’t have to rush anything, we can take our sweet damn time.  We aren’t Gods Gift to audio production by any means, but we do know a thing or two about putting together some sounds on a computer.

Right now we’ve got 8 of 10 drum tracks finished.  Setting up the drums proved to be an arduous task, as we were attempting to capture the drum sounds we really want.  Big kick, whoomping snare, and a crispy kit.  After what seemed like days (when in fact it actually was days), and some crazy computer wizardry, we achieved king big drums.

We’re very stoked about giving you something to listen to, but for right now you get to listen to us ramble on the internet.




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