Story Behind the Song – Ain’t Comin’ Back

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As of this writing, our first album “Here To Burn” is a little over two years old, and almost phased out of our current live set.  However that album had some really good songs on it, and Ain’t Comin Back is one of our personal favorites.  Here is the story behind that song…

I (JBlaze) wrote the original song a few months before we went in to track HTB, and in the original demo I am actually the one singing the song.  After tracking vocals for the actual album I was very critical of my performance and started getting stressed out over the song until I heard WhiteWolf singing along to it.  Up until that point we were still feeling each other out as singers, and he only had one main song up to that point “Sunshine”.  So I swallowed my pride knowing it was the right move for the band.  Granted now that I listen back to it I could’ve put up a stronger vocal performance, but no matter what it was the right decision.

The actual song itself has a story to it.  Echoing Robert Johnson’s classic song “Crossroads”, Ain’t Coming Back is about a group of men standing at the cross roads in Georgia being tempted by the devil. My favorite line in the song is “The white lines we crossed that night, the fire in his eyes, mirror back the flames that signal our demise”.  I personally know the temptations from my mid twenties when my life personally went off track and turned to hard drugs to cope with the pain.  Those drugs certainly open you up to a darker side of life and can trap you in certain situations where you feel like you just can’t escape both the external pains, and the self inflicted pains. I’m certainly glad I’ve moved far past that part of my life.

There are many stories in the past about artists selling their souls to the devil, all it takes is a quick search in google to see actual interviews of artists who have attributed their success and fame from some “demonic pact”.  You may have to wade through some hyper-religious shit to get to some more objective interviews, but they are out there.  I’m not here to debate whether or not an actual devil in red with horns and a pointy tail exists, but I do know there is a bad vibe out there that a lot of artists in the past and currently ride on to the top.