Back On Track

Here we are, just mere weeks away until another presidential election.  The media is marking this election as “The Most Important Election of OUR LIVES”, funny because we all heard the same shit last time.  I hope you got your voting shoes on, it’s gonna be a slippery one.

We’ve marked ourselves into month two of the album recording process that has been fraught with snags and bumps, but we continue to persevere.  We had to essentially take last week off to go from studio ready to show ready for our gig at Phoenix Hill, but we’re back on track with just a few bass tracks remaining.  Bones has been laying down the fire in between being a daddy and working full time, so kudos to him.

Soon fall will be upon us.  We’re gonna keep trucking until it’s done.  In the mean time, stay tuned to our show schedule, and catch us around town.






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