Vocals have begun

The rain pounded the concrete like a linebacker pounding a quarterback.  The night seemed darker than most, each successive fall day shorter than the last.  The Whiskey Riders on this particularly dark night started vocals on their upcoming album with tracking main vocals on Sunshine and Big Bad Wolf.  Things were going smoothly when out of the midnight air came the ghosts of rock and roll past to guide us.  If you listen close enough you may hear Muddy Waters wailing in the background.

While that may not be exactly true, it did feel as though the divine hand of the heroes of rock have been there to keep us strong going up this incredibly difficult mountain we’ve had to climb to get to this point.  It has not been an easy road for any of us to get here, not just in the recording process, but in life in general.  However the circumstances, we as a group stand on the precipice of something great.  A swelling of pride is opening up with every track that we lay down, every snare hit, every vocal line crafted with the love and care that only Bear Bones Studios can bring to the table.

Both vocal tracks sound fantastic.  Sunshine ebbs and flows with Whitewolf’s fantastic vocal style.  Riffing to the edge of his range, Cox shows why he could be one of rocks up and coming vocalists and songwriters.  Big Bad Wolf is just plain damn mean with J Blaze taking the lead and showing why he has been one of Louisville’s best vocalist/front men for over a decade, with the ability to go beast mode on any given track.

As we continue to put in work, as the tracks begin to shine, our passion keeps increasing, and the time of the Whiskey Riders is nearly at hand.

#Herewecome #Heretoburn




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