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Hey everyone out there.  Thanks for checking out  We just got done playing our last local show for the summer, but in fact the party has just begun for The Whiskey Riders.  Feedback from everyone that has seen us live has been incredible, and it makes us know we’re going in the right direction.   For the next couple of weeks we’re going to be setting up shop getting ready to track our record thats going to be released in the Fall, probably late October or early November.   This record will not be the faint of heart.  We promise to both curl your toes and relax your back. We’ll bring you the finest product that four brothers can bring to you.

We’ve got a couple of things that will be coming down the pipeline including some acoustic shows, interviews, videos and more.  The Whiskey Riders wouldn’t let you down!

Special thanks to Anna Blanton from Field of Kings for being a special guest on stage with us this weekend during our take of  “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”.  She absolutely killed it on the fiddle, made us guys all look bad!

Enjoy this gallery from our shows this weekend.  I swiped them from Mandi Lee Adams and Alliee Bliss off the facebook.

Thanks and Ride Safe Y’all

~The Whiskey Riders

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